Tomasz Frąckiewicz


My name is Tom. My adventure with English started with a fascination with video games, barely any of which were translated when I was younger, and because I wanted to understand the stories I played I had to look up more and more words. I also developed a strong interest in cars around the same time a certain british motoring show was starting to become a worlwide sensation. I loved how the three presenters spoke and that drove me to further improve my language and later on study in England.

I’ve been working at Alta for several years now and during that time I have formed a belief that DIRECT Method is the best way of teaching students to freely and fluently use the language. I am a result oriented teacher and will do my best to teach you as efficiently as possible.

I am a bit of an anglophile, having lived in Britain for some time, I delveloped a strong affection for the culture and the people living on that odd island north of continental europe. I spend my free time playing videogames, reading novels (I especially like science fiction) and listening to dark electronica, occasionally drawing or modelling in 3d.